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Catch Denis Leary on the Nov 18th Daily Show?

Ok, we all knew Denis Leary is, by definition, an ass. That's how he makes his living. Nevertheless, his comments regarding SAD pissed me off.

Here's the link:

He's on there defending the attacks he got on someone taking something out of context that he said about fakers of autism, explaining that he does know it really exists because he knows a kid who really has it and it's a real problem for some people.  Then he goes and attacks SAD sufferers.   Now, I know there are some people out there who maybe get a bit blue over the winter and think that a mild down feeling qualifies as SAD, and there are others who just claim to have it in order to get some form of unwarranted sympathy.  But geez!  You'd think what he just said about autism might still be resonating with him.  Guess not!

Yeah, I'm just venting -- maybe he needs to actually meet someone he cares about who has SAD so he can stop thinking it's a myth. 

Jerk. (I know, Denis Leary ... redundant).
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