wretched_snail (wretched_snail) wrote in sadsupport,

When do you get SAD?

I remember reading that SAD starts in January for most people. For me, it seems like it's almost directly in line with the solstice. I start feeling glum at the end of July, by the end of October I'm getting panic attacks and crying spells, and the beginning of December I feel dead. The rest of the winter is touch-and-go; I think it's more affected by the weather than the length of days, ie if it's grey and dark for a week I'm going to be miserable but if the sun peeps out or it snows (which reflects a lot of light) I feel almost fine. After the equinox in March I feel better except during weeks that it rains endlessly. I was wondering when other people in this community start to feel depressed.

I want to get a light box, but I work 7-3 and pretty much get up at the last minute in the morning since I'm a CNA that wears a uniform and doesn't have to waste time picking out clothes. Once I get to work I can't use it since I'm running around all over the place. CNAs get worked like mules. There's no time in the day to eat, pee, or drink water, never mind sit by a lamp. If I force myself out of bed a half hour early to use it, it will still be dark outside. Is that alright or will it mess up my circadian rhythm?
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